How your video is created

I create every explainer and marketing video from scratch, working closely alongside and consulting with you at each stage. Every image is drawn specifically to enhance the message delivered in the agreed script. Not a piece of clipart in sight!

Whether you are looking for a 15 second advertising video to a 15 minute training video, with or without music or a voiceover, the video will be carefully crafted to your needs.

The stages:

Stage 1 – The Script: I can work with you, talking through and agreeing on a video script that sends the message you want delivered (if you already have a script or a clear idea, we just skip this stage). I even include a column alongside the script text with initial ideas for images to enhance the message.

Stage 2 – The Style: Having signed off the script, I send you examples of the sort of images that I think could work. These pass back and forth until you are absolutely happy that they put across the message and feel that you are looking for.

Stage 3 – The Mockup: I then create a complete mockup video. This includes all the images that may well appear in the final video. If you have requested a voiceover, I will create a draft and synchronise it to a scene by scene display of the draft images. This is compiled into a video which is sent to you to give you a feel for the final product. Depending on what you think, we then make all the changes required (script, images, narration etc.).

Stage 4 – Draft Video: Now I get down to business and digitise all the agreed images in order to turn them into the animated explainer (see Examples). The images are syncronised to the voiceover and music as required and a draft of your explainer video is produced and either uploaded to YouTube or sent to you as required. You can then check it and let me know of any changes required.

Stage 5 – Final Video: Having signed off the draft explainer, I then prepare several copies of your video in various HD formats uploaded to a shared Internet folder. You can then use these on your website, large-screen monitors at exhibitions or events, etc.

Simple as that! 🙂